Trackmobile - Trainer Kit

OVERTON Safety Training

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Training and testing materials for this 1 day Trackmobile operator workshop will assist employers in complying with the training requirements for Trackmobile operators.

Topics covered include:

  • Training and Testing: Sources of Laws and Regulations, Training and Qualification
  • Terminology and Components: Basic Components, Key Definitions
  • Jobsite Hazard Awareness: Jobsite Hazards, Operating Hazards, Responding to injury/accident
  • Inspections: Classifications, Requirements
  • Working Safety: General Rules
  • Operating: Responsibilities, Rails and Cars, Pushing and Pulling
  • Signaling & Communication: Verbal Commands, Hand Signaling

Trainer package includes:

  • Instructor’s binder
  • Training tips
  • Color keyed script and grading keys
  • PowerPoint training presentation
  • (10) 104 page student workbooks
  • Sectional student knowledge checks
  • Trackmobile Inspection Form
  • Trackmobile Training and Practical Evaluation Form
  • Trackmobile Operator ID card template with protective card sleeves
  • All required forms for record keeping
  • Trainer’s tote bag

Additional student handbooks can be purchased in packs of 5.

5 Steps to Implement In-House Training

You can internally perform the training and qualification for your employees to meet the Federal OSHA and/or many state regulations!