Klinke Rigging Safety Manual (5 pk)

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The 5th Edition of the Rigging Handbook (2016) maintains its reputation as a clear, fully illustrated reference book for millwrights, rigging professionals, crane operators and others who are involved with performing or teaching rigging and hoisting operations. Users will appreciate the well-organized simple layout and detailed illustrations that provide concise, simple answers to rigging questions that may otherwise appear complex in nature. Emphasis on the new OSHA 1926.1400 regulation for signal persons is covered in greater detail, in addition to the ASME B30 standards that apply to rigging and hoisting operations. Sold in packs of 5.

New and updated topics include:
• Load Share Concepts
• Load Control Techniques
• Load Leveling Practices
• Center of Gravity Concepts
• Cribbing use and Wood Blocking
• Proper Tag Line Use
• Chainfalls and Lever Hoists use
• Inverting loads with cranes
• OSHA 1926.1428 Signalperson specifics

Formulas for:
• Sling tensions calculations
• Determining the Center of Gravity
• Determining the Load Share
• 2-crane lifts and share of the load on each crane
• Drifting loads (horizontal movements) with multiple hoists
• Lever Bars (Johnson bars)
• Moving loads on inclined planes. . . . and lots more!

5 Steps to Implement In-House Training

You can internally perform the training and qualification for your employees to meet the Federal OSHA and/or many state regulations!