Intermediate Rigging - Trainer Kit

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Training and testing materials for this 2-day Intermediate Rigging workshop will assist the employer’s Internal Instructor/Trainers as a single component of their complete internal training program to comply with the training and qualification requirements for workers around craning, "qualified riggers", and "qualified signalpersons”, as per the Federal OSHA crane law 29CFR1926 subpart CC and/or General Industry laws.

Pre-requisite training prior to attendance includes Basic Rigging and Signaling.

Topics covered include:

  • Instructor Training Techniques
    • Good and bad presentation techniques
    • Tips for training adults
    • Delivering training tips
    • Training program and curriculum
    • Record retention
  • Core curriculum:
    • Sources of Rules and Standards
    • Intermediate rigging knowledge requirements
    • Rigger, signalperson & spotter responsibilities
    • Rigging accident review
    • Tag lines & Bowline knot
    • Crane lift types
  • Rigging Application (selection and use):
    • Loading and angle loading hooks, rigging hardware and slings
    • Rigging clips, precast lifters, shackles, eye bolts, swivel rings, and turnbuckles
    • Slings (wire rope, chain, web, round, and rope)
    • Sling D/d ratio, horizontal angle loading and hitches
    • Good and bad rigging practices
    • Clamps and lifters
    • Lifting beams/bars, chain falls and lever hoists
  • Rigging Inspection:
    • Inspection process and requirements
    • General hardware and hook inspection/rejection criteria
    • Specific shackle, link, snatch blocks, clamps, lifters inspection/rejection criteria
    • Specific sling (wire, chain, synthetic, rope) inspection/rejection criteria
    • Specific beams/bars, chain falls and lever hoists inspection/rejection criteria
  • Load/Load Handling:
    • Load weight calculation formulas
    • Determining load COG, rigging for load stability
    • Determining leg load stress, off center leg load stress
    • Turning or standing loads, calculating leg loads
    • Tight line rigging, calculating leg loads
    • Horizontal drifting loads, calculating leg loads
    • Uneven loading, multi crane lifts, calculating leg loads
    • Multiple lift rigging
    • Coefficients of friction, pulling on a slope 
  • Signaling/Spotting curriculum:
    • Communication requirements, positioning
    • Spotting for hazard clearances
    • Methods, meanings, and hazards created by signals
    • Hand signaling, voice signaling, audible signaling
    • Covers Mobile, Tower and Overhead crane signals

Please note: This program is designed to be for Intermediate Rigging training only and will not prepare employees for the National Certification Rigger or Signalperson Exams. Please view this section if you are looking for a preparatory course for National Certification.

Trainer package includes:

  • Instructor’s binder
  • Training tips
  • Color keyed script and grading keys
  • PowerPoint training presentation
  • (10) 106 page student workbooks
  • Sectional student knowledge checks
  • Practical Rigging inspection checklist/form
  • Rigging hitch practical demonstration checklist/form
  • Practical hand and voice signaling demonstration checklist/form
  • Intermediate Rigging ID card template
  • All required forms for record keeping
  • (10) Wallet-size Hand Signal Cards
  • (10) Crosby User Lifting Guides
  • Jerry Klinke's Rigger Handbook
  • Trainer’s tote bag

Additional student handbooks can be purchased in packs of 5.

5 Steps to Implement In-House Training

You can internally perform the training and qualification for your employees to meet the Federal OSHA and/or many state regulations!