Fall Protection Competent Person Safety Training - Student Reference Guide Refill

OVERTON Safety Training

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Pack of 5 student reference guides (156 pg each) to supplement the Fall Protection Competent Person Safety Training Trainer Kit.


    • Fall protection and position restraint
    • Guardrails, covers, net systems
    • Barrier, monitor and warning line systems
    • AWP, Forklift, Crane fall protection
    • Rooftop fall required protection
    • Scaffolding required fall protection
    • Ladders and ladder climbing devices
    • Basic self and assisted rescue
    • Suspension trauma
    • Section written knowledge verification checks
    • Practical inspection and use checklists


    5 Steps to Implement In-House Training

    You can internally perform the training and qualification for your employees to meet the Federal OSHA and/or many state regulations!