Lattice Boom Crane Addendum Prep Workbook (10 pk)

Overton Safety Training

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Each 190-pg workbook, when used in conjunction with its Preparatory Trainer Kit, is to be used as an addendum and in conjuction with the 3-day Small and Large Telescopic Crane preparatory program and to help prepare students to take the Lattice Truck and Crawler National Certification written exams.

Covers laws and standards related to:

  • Operation
  • Setup
  • Craning
  • Hazards
  • Daily Inspection
  • Key Components
  • Lift Planning
  • Load Movement
  • Load Rating Charts

NOTE: The price above is for a refill 10 pack of student workbooks to supplement a previously purchased Preparatory Trainer Kit or previously attended trainer class. If you have questions about the preparatory process please call John at (866) 531-0403.

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