Articulating Crane Prep Workbooks (10 pk)

Overton Safety Training

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Each 90-pg workbook, when used in conjunction with its Preparatory Trainer Kit, helps prepare students to take the ABC (no winch), ABW (with winch), and ABL (sheetrock loader) National Certification written exams.

Covers laws and standards related to:

  • Operation
  • Setup
  • Craning
  • Hazards
  • Daily Inspection
  • Key Components
  • Lift Planning
  • Load Movement
  • Load Rating Charts
  • Wire Rope & Blocks
  • Pneumatic rotators and forks
  • Pallet forks
  • Basic Rigging & Signaling

NOTE: The price above is for a refill 10 pack of student workbooks to supplement a previously purchased Preparatory Trainer Kit or previously attended trainer class. If you have questions about the preparatory process please call John at (866) 531-0403.

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