Mini Rigging Tactile Learning Kit

OVERTON Safety Training

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The OVERTON Safety Training mini rigging kit adds the necessary tactile hands-on learning to your in-house rigging training, reinforces the classroom curriculum and is extremely popular with the students. Students will receive a visual, hands-on experience and apply critical thinking while working through 5 separate rigging scenarios with the OVERTON Safety Training mini rigging kit. 

For each scenario, using the crane arm and mini rigging gear included students must determine the appropriate rigging application or hitch type and utilize the appropriate mini slings and hardware to rig the mini test loads to be stable and secure. Using the reference guide and answer page, they must then determine and record the leg loading on each pick point and calculate the additional horizontal sling stress using the crane arm and mini rigging gear included. Instructors PowerPoint and student reference guides are provided to assist with the presentation and training.

Each kit comes packed in a cardboard box and includes:

  • 28” Articulating Crane Arm with table clamp
  • Adjustable test load (doubles as storage box)
             8.75” x 3.25” x 1.75”
  • 8” PVC Pipe Load (3)
  • 8” Mini spreader bar
  • Mini synthetic slings (8 – varied sizes)
  • Mini plastic shackles (7)
  • Mini plastic eyebolts (4)
  • Mini plastic master link
  • Dunnage
  • Level, measuring tape/angle indicator
  • 5 Rigging Scenarios (on PowerPoint)
  • 10 Reusable student reference guides
  • USB flash drive with Instructor’s PowerPoint and reproducible student reference guides and answer pages.

For best results, we recommend working in groups of 2-4 students per kit.

This kit is an excellent companion to our Rigging & Signaling for Cranes Trainer Program.

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