Crane Lift Director - Trainer Kit

OVERTON Safety Training

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Training materials for this 7 hour Lift Director workshop cover the following topics:

  • Sources of Laws and Regulations: Federal, State, ASME
  • Craning Personnel Qualification Requirements and Responsibilities: Competent/qualified person, controlling entity, crane owner, user, workers, rigger, signalperson/spotter, operator, supervisor, A/D director
  • Lift Director Qualification Requirements and Responsibilities: Preparing for a lift, assigning personnel, managing safety, directing the lift
  • Crane Stability and Structural Ratings: Factors that affect ratings
  • Crane Accidents and Hazards: Causes, identifying, overhead, underground, energized powerline clearance rules, weather/wind
  • Pre-Planning Steps: Gaining area access, traffic, flagging, work area control, ground surface area support considerations, outriggers/stabilizers, cribbing, blocking, dunnage, matting
  • Inspections: Crane, work area, records, operator aids and safety devices
  • Lift Planning Steps: Lift types, planning form and documentation, personnel lifting
  • Crane Operation: General operation, miscellaneous equipment, suspended loads, taglines/guide ropes, jib installation, determining load weight
  • Review of Rigging Basics: Ratings, tagging, shackles, sling types and inspection, hitches, sling angles
  • Review of Signaling/Spotting Basics: Personnel requirements, positioning, signals, chart requirements
  • Review of Crane Rating Charts: Mobile Telescopic, Mobile Lattice, Tower, Fast Erect Tower
  • Review of Lift Solution Steps: Wire rope line pull, load handling deductions, steps to calculate NET lift capacity
  • Review of General Crane Terminology
  • Sample Documentation: DOT weight tables, signaling charts, lift planning form, jib pre-install meeting checklist, jib post-install inspection checklist

Trainer package includes:

  • Color-keyed instructor’s binder
  • Training tips
  • Trainer’s script
  • PowerPoint training presentation
  • 10 student handbooks (74 pg each)  
  • Written student exams
  • ID card template
  • All required forms for record keeping
  • Trainer’s tote bag

Additional student handbooks can be purchased in packs of 10.

5 Steps to Implement In-House Training

You can internally perform the training and qualification for your employees to meet the Federal OSHA and/or many state regulations!